Easy, simple slideshows for Wifibooth & Google Photos

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This app is amazing! I had an old iPad 2 that was just collecting dust, and after finding this app it's now an awesome digital photo frame!

For Event Professionals

For Event Professionals

Share the experience, instantly

SoloSlides enhances your event experience by:

  • Automatically updating when photos are added to / removed from your Google Photos library or Camera Roll
  • Displaying your photos on your Smart TV without installing an app on your TV (TV must support DLNA / UPNP)
  • Displaying photos on your Apple TV
  • Hiding photos so the app doesn't show them anymore, without deleting or modifying any of your photos
  • Sharing the currently showing photo to another app
For Home

For Home

Fill your home with memories

SoloSlides gives you an flexible, intuitive digital picture frame experience in any room of your house. Features include:

  • Clock
  • Photo creation date
  • Displaying photos on your Apple TV
  • Nighttime mode can be turned on to automatically show a dim black screen during what you define as "nighttime"
  • Filtering by album or date range
  • Shuffle (random order) or newest-to-oldest
  • Automatically filter out photos of documents, receipts, etc.