Who We Are

We’re a digital product company based in Hamilton, ON

Our goal is to deliver tools that help make businesses more valuable and communities more inclusive.

Our Values & Culture

It’s about how we make decisions and approach our work

  • Listen & Learn

    Customer feedback drives a lot of our planning process. Knowing what’s valuable to people who use our apps, keeps our products relevant.

  • See The Gaps

    Workflows can sometimes have missing links. Our ideas are inspired by these gaps and how mobile tech may be able to fill them.

  • Brevity is Better

    Clear, consise communication helps us deliver efficiently and effectively. Our mutual respect for each other encourages this level of honesty.

  • Focus the Lens

    Ideas are plenty. Customer segments can vary. Whether it’s planning, building, or marketing - we align our efforts in support of the greatest impact.

  • Know the Users

    Whether we’re building an app for event professionals or avid cyclists, getting involved on the ground floor gives us an empathy that puts our ideas in perspective.

  • Share the Space

    Remote work is necessary at times - but being in the same space improves our communication flow, quality of work, and delivery efficiency ...and our ability to not drink beer alone.

  • Do Good Work

    We care deeply about the people we serve. We deliver useful, polished experiences with every release.

Our Team

  • Tim

    Tim Carr

    Founder / Engineering

  • Calvin

    Calvin Sims

    Product Marketing & Sales

  • Nick

    Nick Dahl


How we got here

It started with a photo

Founded by Tim Carr, Solodigitalis has its roots in photography. Tim was a professional photographer in Switzerland for years, and it wasn't long until Tim got fed up with the poor choices available for photobooth apps. Tim got back to his developer roots, and Wifibooth was born. Fast forward a few years and Wifibooth grew too big for Tim alone - Solodigitalis was founded and the passion for building awesome apps grew with each team member added.