Exciting gallery changes have arrived in Wifibooth 4.10!

import YouTube from 'components/youtube';

Newly-designed gallery in Wifibooth 4.10 is powerful and beautiful

You told us, we listened: for different reasons, you want there to be more (or less!) photos visible on the gallery, so that they're bigger (or smaller!) We listened: now you can pinch to zoom the entire gallery, having as many as 8 photos per row, or as few as 2.


It's also easier to see which photos you've selected, and to see whether you've selected a stack (of multiple items).

See selected photos, remove the ones you don't want

The action bar at the bottom has been improved to show you the selected photos, and let you remove them with a touch. It's also easier to see what actions are available and to select them.

What about videos?

Wifibooth 4.10 records MP4 videos and shows them live in the gallery. If you have 4 items or less per row, the videos will play right in the Gallery. Why not keep them playing when you zoom out further? Well, there's a limit to how many videos your device can playback fluidly at once - and you don't want to hit it!

We're excited to see what you can do with Wifibooth 4.10, and to hear your thoughts! We'll be lurking on the Community forums, let us know what you think.