Computational photography is the future of photobooths

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What's Computational Photography?

When a digital image is captured, the device capturing it has to make a series of decisions on how the photo should be represented (like white balance: what's really 'white'?). Computational photography is the concept of taking this one step further by combining powerful compute resources (like the CPUs in today's mobile phones) with multiple cameras to create a photo that looks amazing.

Already since the dual-camera iPhone 8+ came out, Apple has been steadily building on its computational photography prowess: by taking photos with both cameras at the same time and then combining them, the iPhone is capable of generating depth data. Wifibooth then uses this depth data, combined with facial recognition, to determine where the person in the photo is - and cut them out.

This enables Wifibooth to offer a 'green screen' feature that lets you put guests on the beach, on Mars, or inside an active volcano - wherever you like! More like 'magic screen': no green background is required. Dusty old basement stairs in the background? No problem.

That was years ago: now Apple is working on Deep Fusion, which brings an unprecedented level of detail to photographs. With the new tri-camera iPhone 11 Pro, Apple has upped the ante and shown that they're just getting started with amazing new photography features.

Don't wait: get all of these features in your photobooth today! Use Wifibooth on your iPad and SoloLink on your iPhone to have your iPad drive your iPhone's camera remotely. This is the ultimate photobooth setup for computational photography!