Introducing Booth.Events

Introducing Booth.Events

Solodigitalis is proud to announce the general availability of the new photo booth platform, Booth.Events. Built from the ground-up with professionals in mind, Booth.Events offers an iPad-based customizable photo booth experience showcasing your brand. Booth.Events is packed with the newest technology including popular features from our other apps such as our green screen technology SceneSelect, and a worldwide first with its all-new wired USB connectivity allowing DSLRs to be connected directly to the iPad, with no PC or third-party hardware required.

With its experience of over 5 years of professional photo booth apps on the market and the community built around Wifibooth with its forums, Solodigitalis built Booth.Events as a platform for businesses that operate photo booths. Booth.Events focuses on simplicity, elegance, and technology, combining years of feedback with the newest hardware capabilities and connectivity options.

Existing photo booth software is traditionally either consumer-focused on iOS with only the iPad camera as available capture device, or focused on professionals on the PC platform with connectivity to DSLR cameras and flash sync. PC-based photo booth apps are notoriously difficult to setup and configure, causing businesses to have to choose between something simple that cannot perform the tasks a professional business needs, or powerful PC software that is expensive and too difficult to install. Booth.Events delivers professional features on the iOS platform at an affordable price, with a focus on the ease of setup and event and template creation. This is achieved with a web-first approach to the platform so that all tasks, even complex template design and attract screen configuration can be done from any web-browser on any device; data and settings synchronize automatically to the iPad. The result is that you no longer need to bring a computer to your events.

Booth.Events is the first iOS photo booth app to connect directly to Canon EOS DSLR cameras using only the cable that came with your camera. Bringing best in class capture quality to iOS means that easy to use iPad photo booths are no longer limited to on-device cameras without strobe/flash synchronization. iOS devices with both USB-C and lightning ports are supported.

Booth.Events is free to use for a limited number of events, without requiring a credit-card or personal information to get started - all you need is an email address. Please visit for signup and more information.

For contact information including media inquiries please visit